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Ayala Moriel is a talented parfumer with a wide selection to choose from. If you are lucky enough to live in her area, you can be included in some of the wonderful things she offers locally, that she is able only to tell us about, those of us who live at a distance.

I have been comparing two new scents by Ayala for the past couple of weeks: Vetiver Racinettes and Immortelle L'Amour. Immortelle L'Amour is due to launch in November. You may currently order samples and pre-order for the launch. VR will launch at an undisclosed time.

First, I really love Ayala's scents and they are beautifully packaged. They are all forms of parfum so they stay close to you vs. a lot of sillage around you and trailing in the room. I love to wear Ayala's scents as the day progresses. I will start with one or two, then either layer again or choose different scents depending on my mood. When I need a boost, I put a couple of drops on my wrists. They keep my mind energized and engaged. They never fail to please me.

One day I would like to meet her in person. To have a personal consultation and a bespoke fragrance would be heavenly!

I recommend getting a sample package from her. That way you can sample several of her scents. They are bound to please if you choose notes you know you love -- or perhaps are intrigued by and would simply like to try for the sake of trying.

Immortelle L'amour:
The maple-like nuances of immortelle absolute are used here along with sweet orange, cinnamon, wheat and three different infusions of vanilla, creating a perfume that truly captures the aroma of cinnamon-pancakes and Tire d’Erable (“taffee on the snow”), an inseparable part of the Quebec heritage in the Maple Harvest Festivals. You’ll find it hard to resist licking this perfume, but it will prove to be a true friend for a love-injured heart.

Famlies: Gourmand

Top Notes: Sweet Orange, Cinnamon
Heart Notes: Rooibos Tea, Broom
Base Notes: Immortelle, Vanilla, Wheat

The immortelle note is juxtaposed with a rich vanilla accord, using a few different varieties of vanilla: a dark absolute from Madagascar, a vanilla CO2 from Bourbon islands, and a tincture of vanilla which I made from plump vanilla pods (seeds and all) from Ghana. Another home-made tincture is used – that of red tea (rooibos), as this material is rarely available in the market as an absolute. Another interesting edible note that I’ve used is wheat absolute. It has a very subtle, iodine-like note, and along with cinnamon CO2 Immortelle l’Amour fills the air with an authentic warm cinnamon-waffles with maple smell… As it dries down, it feels as though an invisible maple taffee is spread upon my skin, sans the stickiness…

Reading the notes of Immortelle does not give you a true estimate of the fragrance, though all the notes can be distinguished. It is not as sweet as it sounds. Yes, I smell maple, real honest to goodness maple syrup, the only kind worth eating. Yes, I can smell the maple syrup that we would drip on snow, then eat as candy. I don't get much vanilla from it. The orange and cinnamon hint around the edges. Interestingly on me, the maple (at first) is reminiscent of patchouli. (I also get this from VR.) It is sophisticated enough to wear on all occasions. While gourmand, it is not immediately recognizable as foody, nor is it terribly sweet. It is a perfect parfum for this time of year.

Each time I have sampled, I have applied one good sized drop, each one on the same wrist. When I first apply these new ones, they are similar in their beginnings, but VR is much less sweet and more herbal. As they continue to drydown, VR actually becomes sweeter on me than Immortelle. Within five minutes Immortelle has segued into its next stage and VR is moving a bit forward too.

Vetiver Racinettes [Ayala tells me it reminded her of the sweet spiciness of rootbeer, which racinette means in French]:
Top notes: Black Pepper, Fresh Ginger, Cardamom, Kaffir Lime Leaf
Heart notes: Haitian Vetiver , Nutmeg Asbolute, Coffee, Spikenard
Base notes: Ruh Khus, Indonesian Vetiver, Vetiver Bourbon, Attar Mitti, Tarragon Absolute, Cepes

Perhaps it is the tarragon that makes it sweet. I love to cook with tarragon. It is so well blended here that I didn't recognize it until I saw it in the notes.

Either one would be equally suitable for a man.

Earlier in my blog I did a series on the samples I ordered from her. If you wear her fragrances, tell us which are your personal favorites. And if you have not ordered from her yet, give yourself a treat.

Ayala is located in Vancouver. I only wish I had known that when I was in Vancouver a year ago. Her fragrances remind me of the city, I'm not quite sure why, unless it is the cosmopolitan nature of it.


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Phillip Avery December 23, 2007 at 8:08 pm

Well said. I would be happy to read anything else you might contribute on this subject.

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