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I got SAKs Spring 2007 Accessories catalog today, chock full of shoes and purses.

I like it when you are offered so many choices that what you've kept is still wearable. Remember I said, I'm not a minimalist? I can recycle my closet quite nicely. And just about the time I was thinking of clearing it out. At one time I had matching items that I found in different places. Now I'm lucky if I get out the door and remember my wallet. I tend to mix and match now, very ecclectically, before it was fashionable.

Several pairs of shoes in the catalog have impossibly high stacked heels, because the toe is also stacked. I have always liked this style of shoe, because it is comfortable having all that padding under the balls of your feet. Many years ago I had a pair of shoes I really loved, made just like this in green leather with open toes. I also bought a sort of cherry color in the same shoe. I've kept them as I loved them, even when I no longer wore them as styles changed. I figured my first daughter could play dress up in them as they were sturdy and she wouldn't turn her ankle. As it turns out, she never really wore them either.

Now they are back in style.

Meantime, I got a laugh out of Moshino Cheap and Chic -- shoes for over $500. Not so cheap in my book. But if they'd stay in style...and if they are comfortable...

Dolce and Gabbana had a pair of shoes with open toes and stiletto heels. They looked out of place among the others, for the die-hards who don't want to give up that kind of shoe. Maybe for the price they'd be comfortable, you think?

They had many beautiful purses, but since I don't really carry purses, what I have will last me a life time. I found really good prices on purses at TJ Maxx. They carry designer purses marked way down. Our local stores have a huge selection of Michael Kors and Cole Haan if you stop in every so often and look. They also go fast.

I like to wear a purse, not carry one. It leaves my hands (and shoulder) free. It's hard to find anything that doesn't look like it's made for running or going to a theme park. Once in a while I've found something at one of the outlet mall leather stores. Meantime, with all the other gear I carry: cell phone, MP3, PDA, I either have to have a belt bag big enough to carry it all or wear them on the strap. I look like a bag lady, but I'm comfortable!

And don't forget the water bottle -- a necessity here.

As much as I like the look of the mega-expensive huge bags that I see in fashion shoots of famous people, no way could I lift them or carry them if they were truly full.


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