Fresh and Fun Twilight Eclipse Party Ideas for Games, Favors, and Supplies

by Keira on April 4, 2011 · 3 comments

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This is a guest post by Keira of Love Romance Passion.

Twilight Eclipse Party Games:

Here’s a fun (and wet) party game to emulate the final attack sequence in the Eclipse movie. I call it:

Team Forks vs Team Newborns:

Set up –

  • You will need to buy 1 packet of water balloons per person or every two people attending the party and some large tub like containers or a kiddy pool.
  • Separate by color – the color with fewest balloons split evenly into two piles.
  • Fill balloons up with water and tie them and stick them in the containers or kiddy pool.

How to Play –

  • Divide up into two teams: Team Forks (Wolves and Vampires) and Team Newborns (& Victoria).
  • Each Team is charged with protecting the designated color balloons. When they’re all broken, game is over. Winning Team will still have balloons of this color left.
  • Attack each other by throwing the remaining colors of balloons. Try to steal & break the designated color balloons from the other Team. If you get hit 3 times you’re out of play. (Variation - designate a Victoria on Team Newborns, if Victoria only has to hit a player once for them to be out.)
  • Have fun! When done go inside, take showers and hop into dry clean clothes.

Official Twilight Games:

In addition check out my post, Eclipse Party Game Ideas for details on how to play Forks Yearbook, Eclipse Jeopardy, Alice’s Visions, Twilight Charades, and Newborn Hunt.

Best Eclipse Party Favors:

Wondering what type of party favors to get? I have three great ideas—one for each Team.

Team Vampires – Edward Cullen’s Favorite Perfume:
You too can become a la tua cantante or singer for our sexiest vampire.

Make it a favor by buying one large bottle and decanting it into smaller test tubes. Place one in each party bag.

Twilight Volturi Reign Scented Body Mist Forbidden Fruit

Team Werewolves – Jacob Black’s Wolf Tattoo:
Show off your Quilete pride by sporting one of these temporary tattoos.

Wolf Lover Temporary Tattoos - 6 Tats per Pack

Another idea…

Tribal Wolf Tattoo Necklace:
Get a Quilete tribal necklace for each member of Team Werewolf and place it in their goody bags.

Team Human – Stickers and Postcards
Get some fun Twilight Eclipse stickers and postcards for the humans to decorate their gear with.



Eclipse Party Supplies

Get a leg up on your Twilight Eclipse movie party or birthday party by getting your supplies early!

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Susan S. May 14, 2010 at 4:05 pm

That’s a cute summer game as well!

Keira May 14, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Thanks! I thought it’d be fun and really what’s not to like about expending all that anticipation energy before the movie? lol

Christa May 26, 2010 at 1:10 pm

Thanks for all the great ideas. I’ve recently created a Twilight inspired card set on my Etsy shop if you don’t mind me sharing. It’s at:

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