Have you noticed
...how nearly all the major department stores brands have added minerals to their lineup?

...and that Mary Kay re-formulated all their eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and highlighters a short while back to be minerals? And they brought out a mineral foundation?

...and that drug store brands added minerals even earlier?

...and that Avon and Beauticontrol each have minerals now?

And it doesn't hurt that they are supposed to be good for you.
...there are even products for correction and prevention, not just cosmetic effects.

Is there anyone who hasn't joined the bandwagon?
...or the craze as has been said.

Who was first with a home run?
...was it Bare Essentuals who changed the face of cosmetics, and did it so well that major brands took notice and wanted a piece of the pie?

...how about all the other lovely lines (in alpha order) of minerals like About Face (I've never used them), Aromaleigh, Coastal Scents (never used them yet), Fyrinnae, Joppa (never used them), Meow, Purely Cosmetics (which I haven't tried) ... the list goes on and on and on and... taking their well earned piece of the pie.

...or lines like Lime Crime , so bright it's a crime, with plenty of glitter, whether mineral or not...

For the fashion conscious
...how about all those glorious shadow and blush colors?

...no major line matches the colors that can be found in the Indie lines I've used: Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae, Meow...they just don't compare...and Hip colors, while hip (and a clever name), are not as hipster...

How about texture? Is this the next frontier?
Do you like the loose texture?
...once you get used to loose (and maybe using ziplocks) it's a synch and it's not messy.

Have you tried pressing any of them? I have not.
...Mary Kay's products are all pressed -- lovely colors too, but just not quite so Indie.

How about foundations?
You can find minerals in liquids, creams or powder form. The most popular form is likely the powders.

Purists choose by ingredient additives (or not) and by color and texture. Some lines have a much wider choice in color range -- from lightest to darkest -- and hue -- neutral, pink, yellow based... But with the ability to order samples for a reasonable price, it's not impossible to find a color and a coverage that is just what you want.

I'm not a good one to ask because I don't think the liquids or creams are that different from ones without minerals. This is the form of foundation I usually use. To be honest, BE foundations are too dark for me. And I think irritating. And because I don't like a powder or a heavy look (I prefer sheer or dewy) I haven't pursued any other lines. I'd be willing to try. I just haven't. I'm using up the BE, mixed lighter with some AL, on my neck.

Do you use mineral foundations?
What is your favorite and why? What kind of coverage do you like? Are you warm or cool complected? pale? Asian? dark?

Do you use mineral shadows and blushes?
Do you have a favorite line?

Be sure to mention any lines I may have forgotten or don't know.

One for the money, two for the show
....with the Internet so easy to access, Internet companies are giving the companies with counters or wall space a run for their money.

And well they should.

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