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I wanted to repost this technique for those who are not familiar with it or who have joined my blog more recently. The technique for voluminous lips really does work, no matter your age. I have an easy way to find this from my front page, but sometimes it is easier just to see it as a post. It is well worth the few seconds it takes to update your lips.


Beauté Cosmetics has a short line right now -- lip gloss, lip and cheek stain, and brushes -- and some lovely gift sets.

At the site, there are five different videos from the creative director Beau Nelson, including one on Voluminous Lips.

Dontcha just love the concept of voluminous lips!

How they work
He tells us in the video that Beauté glosses have three different volumizers:

...dehydrating Marine Filling Spheres which act like tiny sponges that go inside the lip, then expand with the body's own natural water -- that gives you instant plumping; maxi-lip is a tripeptide that stimulates collagen cell renewal -- after 29 days you get semi-permanent volume that is a long term benefit; then we have orchid extract that regulates the natural moisturizing factor of the lips.

They are excellent glosses!
I bought several of them and I was given one for review, and depending on what color lippie I am using, I vary the Beauté gloss color that I rim with.

These will plump and give the illusion of plumping without damaging
If you remember from reading my blog, I damaged my lips by daily using a plumping lipstick that stings. I asked KarlaSugar before I purchased if these sting, and she said they did not. I agree! You can see her reviews and swatches at her wonderful blog.

I know that Orchid Extract(s) are a big part of Guerlain's treatment line, so they do work.

Lip Technique
In the video, Beau shows a lip technique for giving instant volume and glam to your lips. I wanted to try it today, but initially forgot, so then I had to rethink it, how to do it with lip glosses I had on hand -- and the one I had already applied.

What I liked about his technique
It is very simple, and it is subtle, suitable for every day wearing. But it really makes a difference.

What is it?
He uses two of his colors: Allure and Paramour in this technique.
Both of them are glittery, with some light reflecting.

I think you could use any two of his glosses -- or others you have on hand -- that work with your skin tone.

He begins by taking the lighter of two Beauté glosses and outlines the lips on the outside edge of the lip line.

Remember that by extending the lip line a tad, you are extending the optical illusion of your lip line. By using a gloss, not a pencil, it is subtle -- and you won't be left with a hard line if you eat off the center of the color. I think it is also a more modern look, and less made-up looking. Additionally, it does a better job of camouflaging tiny lines around your lips than a colored lip pencil does. You can still use a clear lip pencil farther out, if you wish.

You want to look like you only better. You don't want to look like the first thing someone notices is your makeup technique.

He fills in the lip line up to the edge of the first color (not over it) with the deeper gloss.

My lips today
I had already applied the gloss I wanted to swatch, before I remembered I was going to try this technique. Oops. So I applied his technique in reverse.

I had initially planned to use Too Faced -- which I did later today. See pix here.

NYX Pink Sparkle Diamond Sparkle Gloss
I had this on my lips already -- and couldn't decide what direction to go for my FOTD. That was a challenge!

To Rim: I wanted something that would show.
Lancome Starlight, clear white glittery gloss
Rimmed -- after the fact! You can see that reversing the application works too.

I used a lip brush to get the tiniest line.

You can see it is very subtle, yet noticeable. I love it!


Another view:

And another view:

Using a glitter pencil to rim
I have tried this in the past, using a Tina and Tony pink sparkle pencil to highlight the entire upper lip or just the middle, but it wasn't as effective, was harder to use, and I only did it on occasion.

This technique with gloss is much better and easier.

Using the look with darker lippies
I used a very light glitter gloss here to rim because my skin is so pale and because I was using a light lipstick. If I were using a red, I'd likely use a red sparkle for the rim. Or if magenta, then magenta gloss to rim, etc. I'd have to experiment to see if I preferred a matching gloss to a lighter one that more nearly matches my skin tone. Aromaleigh Rocks! Glam Glitters would work well for the rim, if I didn't have a gloss that would work.

Update: I do use a color close to the color of the main color of my lip color for dark or bright colors. I use a lighter shade if my lip color is more soft or neutral. And in general, I do the outer rimming after I apply the lip color. It seems easier to me. So I do the reverse of how Beau shows.

Tailoring it for darker skins
If you have darker skin, rim your lips with a gloss color lighter or brighter or more glittery than the gloss or lip color you are using, and semi-close to your own skin tone, that way it will be subtle but still daring. Or blend it in a little. For instance, if you are using a clear or sparkly red gloss for your lip, use a deeper sparkly red or deep pink for the rim. Don't use as light a color as I did unless, of course, you are using a very light lip color.

Or, alternatively, try it with a glitter (either gold or silver glitters depending on your skin tone or the lip color you are using) pencil in grey or black or brown, just on the edge. Or use one of Aromaleigh's Rocks! glam glitters. Either a matching color or one of the interesting blacks. They would work really well and easily.

My view
Wow, I love this technique! I will likely use it every day.

What do you think? Will you try it?
It is quick and simple -- and effective. See my review of these NYX glosses here. Doing a quick comparison of the lips there, this LOTD technique really makes a difference!

If you want to read a detailed interview with Beau about himself and his Beauté line, go here.

The formula is wonderful! Considering that one person swatched her entire line at karlasugar, it's gotta be good. You won't be sorry if you try one or three!


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Book Girl March 25, 2009 at 9:04 pm

Cool technique- I’m going to try this with some of my NYX glosses.

Karin March 25, 2009 at 9:49 pm

I can’t wait to see it on you!

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